Meet Oliver The Field Spaniel

GCH Avalyde Keeping Christmas, CGC

Oliver came to us from Maxine Reed at Avalyde Field Spaniels. After spending a considerable amount of time hoping and waiting for a bitch puppy, we ended up with this beautiful black field spaniel. He was born on Christmas and seems to bring the magic of Christmas to each and every day. Every morning brings a new day and Oliver is always ready to see how the day will unfold, living life to the fullest.

At obedience school, he was tagged as an “observational” learner and as such was not allowed to sit near the “bad boys” because he had the potential to relish learning new tricks. He was also predicted to be the first dog to complete the class, which he did, setting a very high standard.

Oliver’s tricks and schemes are legendary and I’m not sure if I’m comfortable in knowing that my dog is smarter than I am. His love, devotion and sheer happiness keep this family grounded.

Oliver had a great 2009. Shown only 6 times as a new champion, he completed the year ranked number 15 in breed competition. This is a noteworthy achievement for a dog who was under 2 years old.

Oliver has gone on and achieved Grand Champion status. He continued with his obedience training to work as a therapy dog.

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Saltmarshe Field Spaniels

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Oliver looking noble and wise.

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Julian Field Spaniel

CH. Kendian's Dharma Jewel
(Oliver's Daddy)

Amy Field Spaniel

CH. Nhaven Avalyde After Midnite
(Oliver's Mom)

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Oliver's OFA - Registration Information
Registration: SR47376803 (AKC) Sire: SR10212307
Breed: FIELD SPANIEL Dam: SN92541303
Sex: M *Titles: CH
Color: BLACK CHIC #: 68047
Birthdate: Dec 25 2007 Addtl. Reg. #  
DNA Profile:      
OFA - Health Information
OFA Number Registry Test/Film Date Report Date Age  Final Conclusion
FS-600 CERF Mar 15 2009 Mar 15 2009 15 TESTED: 09
FS-717G32M-VPI HIPS Aug 30 2010 Sep 15 2010 32 GOOD
FS-TH210/32M-VPI THYROID Sep 1 2010 Sep 15 2010 32 NORMAL

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Oliver's Pedigree
CH Kendians Dharma Jewel
SR102123/07 08-06 Liver OFA24G
CH Bitterblues Rugby
SN210546/02 09-98 Liver OFA30E AKC DNA #P21703
CH Wicksfords Shamus
SF156001 03-95 Liver OFA57G
CH Lydemoor Leslie
SD850201 08-84 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA78G
CH Wicksfords Primadonna
SD762757 09-87 Liver
CH Bitterblue's Crown Jewel
SF473343 09-91 Liver OFA26G AKC DNA #P21713
CH Lydemoor Leslie
SD850201 08-84 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA78G
CH R'Cola Acres Smile As I Go By
SE459002 06-88 Liver OFA24F
CH Wicksfords Maya Noire
SN830630/09 11-03 Black OFA25G
CH Kenmare Kevin
SN199783/17 07-01 Liver OFA76G
CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD
SN022466/01 12-93 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA24G AKC DNA #V196434
CH Lydemoor Llysia Cherie
SM865243/01 01-95 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA24G
CH Wicksfords Caroline
SN265487/06 04-99 Black OFA31G
CH Wicksfords A Touch Of Magic
SN103798/02 09-95 Black OFA24G AKC DNA #V88842
CH Wicksfords Lillibet
SN103798/01 09-95 Black
CH Nhaven Avalyde After Midnite
SN925413/03 09-07 Black OFA24G CERF65
CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD
SN022466/01 12-93 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA24G AKC DNA #V196434
Silksheen Cynoglossum
Lydemoor Llewelyn Of Nantdou
Penrode Pirouettr
Lydemoor Llysanne Tanitha
Lydemoor Lionel
Muharraq Matilda For Lydemoor
CH Northaven California
Dreamin' SN726794/02 12-02 Black OFA25G
CH Maplesugar A Maximum Xposure CDX
SN258074/01 11-98 Black
CH Waterfields Falling Star
SN010708/05 09-95 Liver OFA24F
CH Maplesugar's Caillech
SG006597 09-95 Black OFA24G
Northaven's Callisto
SN377466/01 06-00 Liver AKC DNA #P21710
CH Bitterblue's Rocky
SG054234 08-92 Black OFA28G AKC DNA #V177376
Rosewood's Trick Or Treat
SN120048/04 11-96 Liver OFA27G