Meet Chrissy The Field Spaniel

Bitterblue’s Yuletide Glow CGC

Chrissy is a magnificent, substantial black and tan bitch with a fabulous shoulder assembly in addition to a great temperament. Although she did not come to us until she was two years old, as is the case with bitches, she quickly stepped into the alpha role and reigns supreme as the diva she is. Chrissy has no trouble taking on the boys and going the distance.

Chrissy was bred by Lynn Finney of Bitterblue Field Spaniels and Mike and Joanne Roehrs of Windward Field Spaniels. As a young puppy, Chrissy received the benefit of early obedience training by Mike. She has excellent eye contact and exceptional obedience skills. A typical Field Spaniel, Chrissy is initially reserved when encountering new situations, but warms to the attention of strangers quickly. While she enjoys the rough and tumble play with the boys, she always has time to share her affections with her human family.

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Chrissy Field Spaniels

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Asher Field Spaniel

CH. Promenade Perfect Gentleman
(Chrissy's Daddy)

Missy Field Spaniel

CH Bitterblue's Miss Misbehavin
(Chrissy's Mom)

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Chrissy's OFA - Registration Information
Registration: SR31720203 (AKC) Sire: SR03824402
Breed: FIELD SPANIEL Dam: SN90933705
Sex: F *Titles: CGC
Color: BLACK & TAN CHIC #: 53144
Birthdate: Dec 21 2005 Addtl. Reg. #  
DNA Profile:      
OFA - Health Information
OFA Number Registry Test/Film Date Report Date Age  Final Conclusion
FS-DNA-104/B DNA DATA BANK Mar 26 2007 Mar 26 2007 15 Donated for Canine Research
FS-508 CERF Jun 16 2007 Jun 16 2007 18 TESTED: 07
FS-600G25F-PI HIPS Feb 6 2008 Feb 22 2008 25 GOOD
FS-TH142/32F-VPI THYROID Sep 18 2008 Oct 7 2008 32 NORMAL

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Chrissy's Pedigree
CH Promenade Perfect Gentleman
SR038244/02 12-04 Black AKC DNA #V398877
CH Hilltops Avalyde Jolly Roger
SN207042/01 06-97 Liver AKC DNA #V268708
CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD
SN022466/01 12-93 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA24G AKC DNA #V196434
Silksheen Cynoglossum
Lydemoor Llysanne Tanitha
CH Crystlrose Sugar 'N Spice
SM953185/04 02-95 Liver OFA29G
CH Elgert Prince Of Humbug
SM855506/01 04-92 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA25
CH Theralan Ooooz N' Ahhz CD
SF548604 08-92 Liver AKC DNA #P2170
CH Capriole's Promise To Promenade
SN703845/06 01-03 Black OFA26G OFEL26
CH Marshfield's Boys' Night Out CD RA
SN464746/06 04-00 Liver OFA27G AKC DNA #P21697
CH CT Calico's Hot Pursuit Del Prado
SN274725/04 10-97 Liver OFA24G AKC DNA #V120366
CH Cotoica's Texas Sagebrush
SN146086/03 10-97 Liver OFA24G
CH Maplesugar Carillon TD NAJ
SN333559/06 04-00 Black OFA25F AKC DNA #V22857
Sardebs The Eveready Charger
SN049826/04 05-96 Liver OFA35G
CH Maplesugar's Caillech
SG006597 09-95 Black OFA24G
CH Bitterblue's Miss Misbehavin TDX OA AXJ
SN909337/05 04-06 Black Tan Markings OFA38F OFEL31
CH Northaven's Kodachrome
SN726794/01 06-01 Black Tan Markings OFA34G AKC DNA #V428630
CH Maplesugar A Maximum Xposure CDX
SN258074/01 11-98 Black
CH Waterfields Falling Star
SN010708/05 09-95 Liver OFA24F
CH Maplesugar's Caillech
SG006597 09-95 Black OFA24G
Northaven's Callisto
SN377466/01 06-00 Liver AKC DNA #P21710
CH Bitterblue's Rocky
SG054234 08-92 Black OFA28G AKC DNA #V177376
Rosewood's Trick Or Treat
SN120048/04 11-96 Liver OFA27G
CH Bitterblue's Wish Upon A Star
SN554418/07 11-01 Black Tan Markings OFA25F
CH Kenmare Admiral Lord Nelson
SN199783/16 11-97 Liver Tan Markings OFA25G AKC DNA #V28261
CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD
SN022466/01 12-93 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA24G AKC DNA #V196434
CH Lydemoor Llysia Cherie
SM865243/01 01-95 (United Kingdom) Liver OFA24G
CH Bitterblue's Enchanted Forest
SN193349/07 09-98 Black
CH Bitterblue British Sterling
SF456773 02-94 Liver OFA30F AKC DNA #V88841
CH Bitterblue's Crazy Legs
SM929933/07 12-94 Black